Our Purpose

We’re interested in benevolent disruption.

Sharing ideas and technologies that positively disrupt the world we live in.


We can help your business reach what matters most: be it the discovery of transformative technology; acquisition, management or nurturing of clients; breaking into new markets; expanding your portfolio of activities or consolidating your position through integrated marketing and retention campaigns.


Whisper Media is composed by publishing and events professionals, driven by entrepreneurial enthusiasm. Our expertise is strategic and tactical. We can help you identify what matters, prepare a strategic plan and deliver tactical campaigns against measurable objectives.


Our business communities are vibrant, active marketplaces with highly engaged professionals that are leaders in their field. We can connect you to these communities in a way that offers real dialogue; meaningful relationships that will help grow your business.

Our Approach

We create amazing experiences which connect people and ideas.

Our inspiring events, insightful content and thriving social communities are the perfect platforms for sharing stories of benevolent technical innovation.

Read more about our beliefs and approach below.
Useful information helps people make the right decisions. Information enables action.
The best products are nothing without service. Putting service first breeds a culture of responsibility.
We change traditional business through empowering communities.
Advocacy amplifies brand.

We welcome authenticity and build real teams with real people. Character wins over persona.
We are a prototyping business.
We invent things, refine them and format their delivery. Then we deliver these services in a predictable way.
We offer predictable and consistent customer experience.
We use ongoing testing and adjusting to improve service and deliver expected outcomes.

reach what matters

Want to join us?

Whisper Media is a growing business, founded on a strong belief in the importance of great people. If you want to be part of the journey, get in touch.